Your guide to a healthier, more fulfilling life

Launching a wellness clinic and studio in the heart of Port Credit

We’ve build a long standing relationship with our community, based on friendship, kindness and knowing that moving our bodies and caring for our muscles will help us all be able to live our best lives and become the best versions of ourselves.

Our staff is here for you, let us guide you.

Our passion is helping people find balance and a sense of community’s through their wellness journey.

Owner and founder Julieta, has launched this new space to bring manual therapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, yoga and fitness classes together in one location. The impact to our community is one of support, accountability and personal growth.

Julieta brings her 25 plus years of personal training and movement studies into Kinesiology practice and hopes to encourage all her clients to move better, have less pain and be fulling able to enjoy their lives.

come inside to learn how our therapists and instructors can help you.

Contact Us

360 Revus Avenue Unit 14
Mississauga, ON L5G 4S4

[email protected]

Our Services

Manuel Therapy Kinesiolgist

Through soft tissue release, functional stretching modalities, small muscular and joint manipulations, and whole body movement assessment and exercises.

Massage Therapy RMT

At Wellness, we provide basic health care services and teach prevention and self-help skills to everyone.

Yoga and Fitness Classes

We treat for emergencyies such as acute illness, injuries, as well as general health emergencyies that may come out of the blue.